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Statement of Social Justice


The recent deaths of unarmed Black Americans have ignited a long simmering national protest of injustice. The injustice is systemic and has manifested in a normalization of symbols of oppression, election fraud, unequal system of law, disparities of health and education and, yes, untimely deaths of unarmed Americans. This pivotal moment in American history presents opportunities for sweeping and indelible transformation across our town and the nation to finally and boldly declare that Black Lives Matter.

The Suffield Democratic Town Committee (DTC) commits to advocate for structural change to combat systemic racism and promote a culture of welcome to all residents regardless of race, color, religion, or gender. We believe local, state, and federal leaders must be fully engaged and committed to this process of finding long-term solutions.  Fundamental change must occur at the local level to truly take shape, and we commit to finding ways to make that change happen.

The Suffield DTC will support individuals who commit to working toward the end of systemic racism in the following ways:

  • Advocating for more equitable housing solutions
  • Incorporating anti-racism and anti-bias education into the school system
  • Supporting programs that build an inclusive, diverse community, such as the creation of an Ombudsman to address individual concerns and promoting diversity in elected and appointed officials
  • Increasing support at the state and local level to address disparities in health and education
  • Publicly repudiating acts of racism by individuals or local, state, or federal actors. For example, when we observe racist symbols or slurs (ex. Nazi and Confederate flag) or laws or policies that disproportionately impact specific populations.

It is incumbent upon us to make a strong and concerted effort to reach out to our neighbors of color and ensure that they are given the same equality and respect that some have taken for granted.  The effects of white privilege must be understood.  We cannot prioritize one life over another because of the color of their skin.  We will act as anti-racists and call out racism as we see it.  We will work to provide opportunities within Suffield to move forward affecting changes which support the equities and freedom which should have been present all along.

(Approved by the Suffield Democratic Town Committee – 7/2/2020)

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