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Pete Hill – The Best Choice for State Rep

Letter To The Editor,

Pete Hill is the best choice for State Representative. Pete is a father with three young children, a successful salesman, and an advocate for sensible legislation. His unique understanding of the needs of working families, small business, and his impressive knack for respectful debate, will be well received in the state legislature. In these contentious times, it is more important then ever that we have a respected voice to continue to work on our behalf.

To the contrary his Republican opponent has been a divisive champion of the tea party in my home town of East Granby. She has worked tirelessly to defund education, opposed rational town maintenance, and worked to defeat two sorely needed school repair referendums. Certainly not the resume for a successful legislator.

It is crucial that you take the time to cast your vote for Democratic candidate Pete Hill in the upcoming special election, to be held Friday April 11th.

Mike Malloy
East Granby

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