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Frenaye Record: A Champion of the Town

Tom Frenaye - Suffield First Selectman Candidate

Consensus Builder

  • By holding Town forums to determine the wishes of the townspeople regarding capital expenditures; i.e., funding for fire trucks, additional roads, repairs to the library, Bridge Street School and Town Hall.
  • Met with Town’s staff management team on a regular basis to improve efficiencies
  • He worked with both the Republican and Democratic Selectmen toward consensus building through collaboration and communication rather than advising the Board of Selectmen of an action already taken by the First Selectman.

 Town Infrastructure

  • Oversaw roof and interior renovations to Kent Memorial Library
  • Met with Town Treasurer and Bonding Council to initiate process to bond for capital expenditures (fire trucks and roads).
  • Negotiated the process for Suffield to be reimbursed by CL&P/ NU for the Wetlands Mitigation project at Hilltop Farm open space.
  • He negotiated first agreement to sell recyclables to USA Hauling.
  • Initiated meetings with Board of Education and Board of Finance to bring about fair budgets
  • Directed the needs analysis of infrastructure, including bridges and roads, with State funds for bridges and Town/State funds for roads.

As a steward of Town resources

  • He listens thoughtfully to all voters, not just to a select few.
  • He is approachable and responsive answering residents questions on a timely basis.
  • Supported Farmland preservation and Open Space each year
  • Initiated paperwork for FEMA reimbursement for hurricane and snowstorm damages (2010 and 2011).
  • Filed paperwork for reimbursement for 2001 school building project funds due from the State which had languished for almost 10 years.
  • He lobbied for Suffield to benefit in the economic development of the Bradley Airport region.
  • Dealt with Town employees and unions fairly and honestly

 As a promoter of Good Government

  • Required Boards and Commissions to provide agendas, minutes and reports in a timely manner to be compliant with State Statues and promoted postings on the Town’s website.
  • Tom was the person who first taped Suffield Board and Town meetings for Public Access TV.

As a regional Leader

  • Tom initiated talks with surrounding towns regarding consolidation of services and group purchasing.
  • Worked with Bradley Development League and Economic Development for improvement of commercial properties.

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