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First Selectman Candidate questions Board’s decision on $186,000 IT project

(From Frenaye for First Selectman Press Release)

During the Suffield Board of Selectmen meeting on Wednesday, September 18th, former First Selectman Tom Frenaye questioned the Board about an expensive Information Technology project.   At the previous meeting the Board had approved an additional $60,000 for the project, which was also approved by the Board of Finance.

The project is to virtualize (combine) multiple computer systems into to one larger system and was budgeted for $126,000 in the town’s 2013-2014 capital plan.  Mr. Frenaye asked about proper public notice of the financial transfers, why the project is already 50% more than budgeted, why the town is not planning to use state contracts to minimize the equipment costs, why the contract was awarded to a vendor that helped to write the RFP for the project, why there was no cooperative effort with the school system, and whether the project would rectify any of the deficiencies in the IT Department noted in previous town audits.

Frenaye provided a list of 13 questions and commented, “I know that IT projects are often very difficult and hard to complete within budget.”  He noted that his questions all led him to believe that the Board and First Selectman had not carefully reviewed the project and the approval of an additional $60,000.  “There were a number of red flags that caught my attention,” said Frenaye, “As someone with an IT background and a taxpayer, I want to make sure the town is spending money wisely and that the project is really needed. And if it is needed, we need to make sure it is done properly and managed effectively.”

Tom Frenaye is a former First Selectman, and is running for First Selectman again this year.

To see Frenaye’s complete letter, click here.

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