Suffield Democratic Town Committee

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Melissa Mack – First Selectman

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Education:  Boston College, B.A., Mathematics;   University of Connecticut School of Law, Juris Doctor, with honors

Other relevant experience: As a business and tax attorney for seventeen years, I have extensive experience improving governance practices of nonprofit organizations, a type of business entity that operates similarly to municipal governments in that they are managed by volunteer boards, operate on lean budgets and often advance many of the social services provided by municipalities. I have advised on management and operations, how to manage conflicts of interest, policymaking, negotiating contracts, joint ventures, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution and other relevant matters. Applying my experience in these areas, has allowed me to improve the integrity, accountability, efficiency and high standards of governance practices to
Suffield’s municipal government.

Over the last two years in Suffield under my leadership, we have eliminated excess expenditures and waste, improved municipal services, negotiated favorable contracts, revitalized underutilized assets and maximized taxpayer dollars.

Specifically, I am proud to have worked with the Town employees, boards and commissions to accomplish the following:





Many additional smaller grants benefiting the Fire Department’s thermal imaging cameras, the Police Department’s bullet proof vests, the minibus, youth services, recycling efforts, etc.

Economic Development: