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Krystal Holmes – Board of Selectmen

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About Krystal Holmes:

Professionally I have been a real estate agent at Chestnut Oak Associates for nearly 15 years.  I pride myself in my strong drive and work ethic and commitment to our beautiful town.

All of these experiences have shaped the individual I am and have allowed me to become a good communicator, listener and an individual who looks outside the box for solutions.  I have always been a “doer,” someone who is quick to volunteer and help in any way I can and I look forward to continuing to serve our community in this same way.


Why Krystal is seeking re-election on the Board of Selectman:

It has been a privilege to serve the residents of Suffield for the past 2 years.  I take the responsibility very seriously and am a regular participant at all meetings.  I am a critical thinker who asks questions, researches topics and listens to other opinions.  During my current term, I have made it a priority to always talk with residents to seek their opinions and thoughts on topics so their input and feedback is represented in all board conversations.  I will continue to serve in the same way because I believe open, transparent government is mandatory.

The first year serving on the board there was a learning curve but by the second year I had a firm grasp on board responsibilities and how the town operated both internally and externally with other towns and organizations.  I would like to serve another term because there is still more to be done and with no learning curve, the next two years could be devoted to continued work and progress.  The following are some areas I would like to see continued growth in for the future:

  1. I would like to see continued progress on all our large capital projects.
  2. I would like to see more efficiencies found in how the town does business so we can perform to our highest potential and reduce costs. An effort needed during this difficult financial time in our state.
  3. I would like to see continued economic growth through diverse development opportunities i.e. commercial, agricultural, light industrial, retail and residential within our Town Center and throughout the Town.
  4. I would like to see our community research the concept of a Town Manager form of government, to allow for maximum continuity, accountability and greater success in long term planning.

I would be honored if you would give me the opportunity to serve for another two years to continue being a positive, critically thinking and open-minded voice on the board.  I appreciate your support and encourage you to vote on November 7th.


What has Krystal’s impact been during the current term:

During my two years on the board I have been part of many positive changes for our community, here are a few highlights: