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Rob Michalman – Zoning and Planning Commission

Img0266A Rob MichalmanAs a long-time resident of idyllic Suffield, I quickly developed a strong sense of community pride.  Having devoted my career to serving Connecticut as a Program Manager for a highly respected non-profit agency, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to public service, giving back, and the value of community involvement.

As current Chairperson of the Suffield Social Services Commission, I help to oversee the various social services offered in town, and have gained a solid foundational understanding of municipal government and town operations.  Combined with a professional resume which includes program development, contract interpretation and compliance, leadership, collaborations with state and federal entities, and budget management I have the knowledge and experience needed to be an effective contributor on the Zoning and Planning Commission.

I am an intelligent, dedicated,and diligent individual with a great deal of integrity.  I believe in residents having a say in the decision-making process, maintaining transparency, and open communication with those that may be affected.  I believe that the ultimate goal, the duty in fact, of an elected Zoning and Planning Commissioner should be to listen to the residents and the experts, analyze pertinent information, and make decisions in the best interests of the collective town.  I also believe that the Zoning and Planning Commission is both indirectly and directly responsible for ensuring economic development and stability in our community without sacrificing the quaint yet thriving culture that is valued so highly by us all.  I look forward to serving you if given the opportunity