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Daniel Holmes

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About Dan:

Why Dan is running for WPCA:

Sewer systems are fascinating (to a select few of us) and are of critical importance to the health
and wellbeing of people and the environment. I would like to join the board to provide my
technical expertise and help the WPCA plan for a successful future. Sewer maintenance,
capitol planning and proper rate schedules are all critical functions to operate the town sewers
and treatment plant. Properly structured systems will allow for future expansion and continued
maintenance of the system. I would like to work with the board to ensure these three functions
are appropriately accounted for.

Further, the existing treatment plant may provide opportunities to utilize renewable energy to
offset the cost of plant operations. I would like to work with the board and department staff to
explore the WPCA’s options to make use of improving renewable energy technologies.
I would appreciate your vote, so I can help the WPCA with continued improvements.